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Our company, Smart Power Design, has operated since 2004 in the design and manufacture and sale of accessories, interior and exterior of the car Smart fortwo and Smart forfour.

In the design department of each component is designed and studied by the designers with a lot of detail and precision, point for point until a final shape for perfect fit and look investigated.

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This is how we designed Smart Power Design's Body Kit, with a special software looking for the perfection of this product.













At design and research’s section, each attachment / accessory is designed and studied, analytically and thoroughly, until its final shape being given for excellent adjustment and appearance.

This is a Smart Power Design's employee.
  This is Smart Power Design's Factory.

At the production’s section, our staff is excellent qualified in using modern machines CNC for the construction of the metal attachments/accessories.

During the production, Smart Power Design's team uses a variety of tools.   Smart Power Design's team uses a variety of tools during the production.


The molds for the manufacture of plastic parts like the daytime running light and the design of the ABS parts as spoilers, side skirts, etc., are produced on CNC machinery by experienced technicians.


Processing of front grille smart 453 by CNC machine 

 Processing of Front grille smart 453






The parts of ABS after they are formed into shapes that are cut individually, one by one, the large oversight to the last detail, so that it fits perfectly on the car.